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Private Walking Tours: Up close and personal

 A personalized walk through the historic district is the best way to experience our architecture and ambiance.  Charleston's organic and naturally flowing design allows easy transition between neighborhoods. Topics and sites include:  history, culture, architecture, private homes, public buildings, churches, gardens and graveyards.  Our experienced guides will assure an enjoyable and informative visit.  Call for rates.



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Getting out of Town

The city has so much to offer outside the historic district:  After your walking tour:  visit plantations, forts, beaches, and many historic sites via van or boat. Groups of any size are welcome.  Let us plan your day for a singular experience. 

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Corporate Group Planning/Escorts and Tours

Allow our local guides to shepherd your group through their day in the Holy City. We can plan your itinerary, arrange your tours and activities, and and purchase tickets on your behalf.  Our extensive expertise in group logistics takes the guesswork out of planning your visit.

Satisfied clients include:  Time-Warner, Wal-Mart, Pella Windows, Frito-Lay, Whirlpool, Genentech, YPO, Lexus, Manulife, Merryl Lynch, Volvo, E-Trade, BYU, Citibank, KIA, Cintas, and NASA!